Traditions, football and pub blue t-shirt



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Material: cotton 160-165 gr/m2

Direct-to-garment printing

Country: Russia

Vympel & Meteor
Sport, Football
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A blue t-shirt with a white edging of the collar and cuffs is made of light Turkish fabric with a density of 160-165 g/m2. Material: cotton 95% + lycra 5%. Factory production: Dmitrov, Moscow region.

A small print in the form of a classic sports pennant on the back under the collar. Made by silk screen printing. On the chest there is a large print applied using direct printing. Printing production: Moscow.

Due to the lightness of the material, the T-shirt is ideal for wearing in hot weather and for playing sports (of course, if you are not going to buy special clothes for training). Due to the presence of lycra in the composition, the T-shirt does not shrink after washing and stretches slightly.

We tried to make a print dedicated to football in the style of classic posters from the 50s and 60s. In this regard, we also tried to unobtrusively include the old sports-themed slogans: "hello to the competitors" and "the match will take place in any weather."

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