Delivery of orders

Delivery of orders:


Delivery to Moscow will be courier on weekdays from 9:00 to 21:00, on Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00, Sunday is a day off.

Delivery is 200 rub

Attention! Delivery to Moscow is only the territory located inside the Moscow Ring Road or at the nearest metro station (at a distance of 1 kilometer).

Our manager will contact you at the phone number to coordinate the time and place of delivery.

When you receive an order, you can unpack it, check the product and size. If the order is partially or completely invalid, you can safely return it to the courier.


Delivery in Russia is carried out by the company "Post of Russia". The order is sent on the next business day after payment. Delivery times depend on the distance between the city of departure (Moscow) and your region. These are usually 5-20 days, more precisely you can find out on the site of the Russian Post.

There is no possibility of fitting the order in this case, carefully study the table of sizes in centimeters, located on the page of each product to the right of the characteristics. If the product still does not fit you and you want to return it, contact us at the specified contacts on the site.

Delivery of an order worth up to 3000 rubles is 300 rubles.

Delivery of an order worth more than 3000 rubles is free.

Another countries

Delivery around the world is carried out with the help of international mail. The order is sent on the next business day after payment. Delivery times depend on the distance between the city of departure (Moscow, Russia) and your country and the work of the customs services of the states. .

Delivery to european countries is 650 rubles (~9-10 euros).

Delivery to another world is 1050 rubles (~14-15 euros).


Attention! The payment in Euro currency depends on the official rate of the Central Bank of Russia and may change. The exact amount will be indicated in the basket on the day of the order.


Payment for orders:

- Cash (only when ordering in Moscow)

- Payment by any cards (VISA, Mastercard, MIR), electronic wallets, online banking, etc. through the single Wallet One cash system. All information about payments is made through the system of Wallet One. South End does not receive or store your credit card details. This option is available for orders in Moscow and Russia.

- Payment via Paypal This option is available to foreigners in the other countries.

- Bank transfer for foreigners if you don't have paypal (write to admin@vympel-meteor.com )

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